February 15, 2011

As Unique as You Are

What makes Amigo Mobility unique is the availability to customize each Amigo to fit our customers' needs. Last week I had the pleasure of working with a customer who asked for the following adjustments to their new RT Express:
  • Adapt-a-Seat frame allows for choice of custom cushions
  • Tilt-in-Space upper seat post allows the entire seat to be tilted backwards, which prevents pressure sores
  • ROHO Low Profile Quadtro Select seat cushion offers memory control with the push of a button
  • Motion Concepts MaTRx high back seat with built-in head support
These rehab seating options allow for the most comfortable fit when using the Amigo for extended lengths of time. Amigo has numerous seating options based on individual needs. Watch our most recent seating videos or head to our Web site to learn more.
*Please note: the blue strip along the platform is a plastic covering to protect the silver bumper during shipping.

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