February 3, 2011

Upgrades to Amigo Products

Amigo is constantly making product upgrades and improvements based on customer feedback and ideas. Recently, new features have been added to the TravelMate, Viva, and the Classic FD.

These features include: 
  • An upward bend on the front lift handle loop provides more room for your hand when lifting the Amigo.
  • A silver bumper strip on the front wheel cover reduces scuffing and damage to the cover.
  • “Normal” and “freewheeling” labels on the front wheel cover show positions of the manual brake release lever. (Freewheeling mode changes the vehicle from "drive" mode to allow you to push the unit if necessary.)


Anonymous said...

I need a folding travel scooter that will accommodate a person who weights 350 pounds. It would be nice if you could design such a scooter.

Amigo Mobility said...

Thank you for your comment! We hope to have a travel scooter with a higher weight capacity in the future -- check back to the blog for updates, and thanks for following us!

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