May 5, 2011

Amigo: the next generation

Amigo engineers are constantly brainstorming and designing innovative products for our customers. You've already seen the new TravelMate III that launched last week and we're planning additional product and feature debuts as well.

An Amigo RT Express is currently involved in an innovative project with Blueroof Technologies out of McKeesport, Penn. Blueroof is in the process of developing independent living facilities for seniors. Using smart technology, Blueroof built a cottage with sensors embedded in the walls which offer medication reminders, monitor movement (or, more specifically, lack of), and televised links to medical facilities, for example. View a video about Blueroof.

Where does Amigo come in? Blueroof's smart cottages will also be used for those with disabilities -- and some folks will be using mobility POV/scooters and other mobility vehicles in their new homes. Blueroof outfitted the Amigo RT Express with an iPad-like device to control the cottage's electrical functions, call for help, and conduct other tasks without having to leave the Amigo.

Penn State architectural engineering graduate student, Sonali Kumar, constructed a 3D virtual reality based on the Blueroof cottage, complete with an Amigo RT Express 3D drawing which debuted earlier this week as part of a long-term project to reduce the housing cost of Pennsylvania's elderly and disabled. Her research may be used to establish an industry standard for this type of technology.

View recent news coverage on the event. (You'll see the RT Express at the end of the news footage.)
Read the Penn State article posted by the College of Engineering. (The Amigo is mentioned in the last paragraph.)

Stay tuned for more innovative uses for Amigo products -- and don't forget your 3D glasses!

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