May 17, 2011

How often do you charge your Amigo?

By far, the most inquires we receive in the Amigo Service Department are regarding batteries. Our owners want to know why their Amigo doesn’t seem to travel as far between charges as in the past.

The first questions we always ask are:
  • How old are the batteries? 
  • How often are they charged? 
The answers to these questions can usually determine why the Amigo isn't maintaining its charge. You should expect a standard Amigo lead acid battery to last a minimum of two years if properly maintained. The actual lifespan depends upon three main variables:
  • how often the Amigo is charged
  • amount of power drawn between charges
  • overall operating efficiency of the unit
I cannot stress the importance of charging the batteries frequently. You will not damage your batteries by overcharging them. If your Amigo is used on a daily basis, charge it every day. A good habit to get in to is charging it each night. If you do not use your Amigo every day, plug it in every 2-3 days to keep a fresh charge. Even better, keep it plugged in when not in use.

Keep in mind that all batteries are NOT the same. As the old adage goes “you get what you pay for." But, unfortunately, sometimes you don’t! We suggest that you replace your batteries with Amigo original equipment batteries. And rest assured that Amigo continuously performs battery testing to ensure you're getting the right battery for the job at a fair price.

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