May 10, 2011

Music to Make a Difference

Catherine Branch, musician and Amigo TravelMate owner, traveled to Ireland, Australia and the United Kingdom playing the flute as part of the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship to research the role of art in social activism. After graduating from Rice University, Catherine spent a year of independent study discovering how the disabled and non-disabled come together to form a "universally accessible dialogue" through music.

While traveling, the Music of Difference concert project came about. Catherine performed her Music of Difference concert in Washington, D.C. as part of the 2010 VSA International Disability Festival and has continued to perform around the Midwest. The light-hearted concerto was filmed in Washington, D.C. that includes an informative interview with Catherine about her passion for music and creating an open environment for communicating about disability.

I recently received an email from Catherine that she is planning on submitting the piece to the Pulitzer Prize committee! She is working on raising funds for the professional recording required. View Catherine's Kickstarter fundraising page for further details and to make a donation -- she's over half way there!

"It's such an exciting time, and I'm so happy to be contributing to the conversation on disability in such a personally meaningful and positive way."      -Catherine Branch


Anonymous said...

She is inspiring people everywhere, and deserves all the help she can get. I hope I can attend one of her performances soon, it would be a privilege to hear her perform live music long island.

Al said...

When you have unstoppable talent, you just can't hide it. I can memorize all the guitar tabs in my collection and still be unable to compete with her.

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