June 21, 2011

Ron Bachman Inspires Others to "Walk this Way"

An Amigo owner for 31 years, I'm proud to call Ron Bachman a friend and a source of inspiration. At the age of four, both of Ron's legs were amputated but he was raised with encouragement from his parents that he could do anything. And just because he walked differently than others, it didn't mean he was different.

Today, Ron is a motivational speaker and travels around the country speaking to students on the importance of tolerance, confidence and treating everyone with respect. He focuses his message on anti-bullying and has inspired thousands to "walk this way."

Meet Ron:

If you are interested in contacting Ron about speaking at your school or workplace, click here. You can also visit his Facebook page where he is able to talk one on one with his 10,000+ fans. 

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