July 28, 2011

Guatemalan man travels to Saginaw for life-changing surgery

Earlier this month, Synergy Medical Education Alliance and Covenant Healthcare worked together change a Guatemalan man's life.

During a mission trip to the tiny village of El Cedo, Guatemala, staff from Synergy Medical met Fernando Popking, 37, who had a 10 lb. tumor on his hip and were determined to help him. Father of 5, Fernando had trouble walking, sitting and sleeping because of the tumor.

Dr. Anthony de Bari did the surgery for free for Fernando, while Synergy Medical Education Manager Anthony Taylor helped coordinate the trip to Saginaw, Mich.

While recovering, Fernando visited a local grocery store and rode on his first Amigo! Thank you Dr. de Bari, Synergy Medical and Covenant Healthcare for helping Fernando!

July 26, 2011

Tour the Amigo Facility

Last week residents of Woodhaven Senior Community in Flint, Mich. visited Amigo Mobility for a tour. We thoroughly enjoy showing people around the factory and sharing the rich history of the company. All the residents were shown around on their own Amigo for the tour -- it was an Amigo parade!

If your group (or even just yourself) is interested in taking a tour of Amigo Mobility, please contact 888-892-2580. We'd love to show you around!

ps Are you a longtime Amigo owner? We'd love to have your picture on our longtime Amigo wall! Send a photo (preferably hi res) of you on your Amigo to jfoster@myamigo.com.

July 21, 2011

Helpful Resources

Our website http://www.myamigo.com/ provides numerous helpful links that we hope you'll find useful. Found under the Contact tab and "related links," you'll find helpful links in three categories (or click here to be taken directly to the page).

Here are a few highlights. Be sure to head over to our website to view the rest of them!

Helpful Resources

  • abledata.com provides objective information on almost 40,000 assistive products. Able Data provides a wealth of information right at your fingertips by using the search function, browsing the Assistive Technology Library and reading reviews on products.
  • savysenior.com is a news hub for baby boomers and senior citizens as well as their families. You'll find numerous senior focused links on the Senior Resources page and recent news updates in the Senior Newswire section.
Human Interest
  • Ron Bachman has been an Amigo owner since 1980. He is an inspiring motivational speaker and anti-bullying leader that travels the country speaking to middle schoolers about respect and how taunting and teasing hurts. (See our previous post about his new reality show by clicking here.)
  • brianandtrisston.com features husband and wife motivational speaking team Brian and Trisston Burrows. Trisston is an Amigo owner and previous Miss Wheelchair America. Two common themes they speak about is disability awareness and promoting the abilities of those with disabilities.

What are your favorite links? Our goal is to have myamigo.com be a site that provides a wealth of helpful information. Leave your favorite links in the comment section or email to jfoster@myamigo.com. Happy clicking!

July 15, 2011

From boring to exciting

Amigo Mobility takes its environmental impact extremely seriously.  Did you know the cover on an Amigo can be recycled? It's made of plastic -- simply put it in your curbside recycling bin. In fact, every piece and part of the Amigo can be recycled -- or better yet -- reused!

Even the powder coating process (gives the Amigo its color) for all Amigos is green. Steve and Gerry Boehm, owners of Bridgeport PowderWorks which sits on the Amigo Mobility campus, use the Eco-Quest phosphate-free pre-treatment system to clean and surface prep all the platforms used on Amigo mobility scooters and electric shopping carts prior to powder coating. Gerry says, “You could actually shower in this. It’s like glorified dish water.” 

When a mobility scooter platform arrives at Amigo Mobility, it sort of looks like a pizza without all the yummy toppings: boring. After it gets its powder "bath," the platform is bursting with color and ready to be transformed into a shiny new Amigo.
I've really been trying to reduce the amount of waste that goes out in our garbage can each week. Instead, our recycling bin is overflowing! I'm also learning about the importance of reusing an item than for it's original purpose -- this is hard for me! What tips do you have for reusing and recycling?

July 12, 2011

Summer reading list by Al Thieme

I am an avid reader, especially of business books, as I believe it is so important to always keep learning. I have bookshelves at home and at work filled with books I've read, and over the past few years I have gotten through even more books by listening to audiobooks.

While driving in my car or cutting the grass, I'm almost always listening to a book as it is a great time to learn more. At Amigo, we have several iPods available for employees to listen to audiobooks on, as well as a small library they can borrow books from.

Here are some books I've recently read and some old favorites that I would recommend:
To see other books I would recommend, click here.

What are your favorite business books?

July 7, 2011

Stevens Center for Family Business

Amigo Mobility is proud to be a family-owned business, and with the second generation now working full time at the company, we are learning as much as we can about family businesses.

Our local university, Saginaw Valley State University, offers a great program for family businesses -- the Stevens Center for Family Business. There are guest speakers and family business experts, as well as peer groups that are separated into leading generation, next generation and key non-family members. 

Founded in 1999, the program has members from surrounding family businesses including Glastender, Stevens Van Lines, The Bavarian Inn, Dobson Home Healthcare and Alloy Construction. An organization we're actively involved in, I am vice-chair of the executive council, Lori Lunger is co-chair and facilitator of the Key Non-Family Members Peer Group, and my daughter Jennifer Thieme Kehres is the co-chair and facilitator of the Next Generation Peer Group.

If you are a family business in the Great Lakes Bay region, I encourage you to consider joining the Stevens Center for Family Business. For more information contact Rejeana at rrheinri@svsu.edu or (989) 964-4035.

July 5, 2011

EZ-Tilt for maximum comfort

Amigo is all about innovative features to give maximum comfort and function. The EZ-Tilt handle with infinite adjustment is one such standard feature.

The adjustment knob allows the handle to be moved to any angle. Turning the adjustment lever counterclockwise allows the handle to be adjusted to the desired position and is secured by tightening the adjustment lever clockwise  Move the handle away from you for extended legroom. Move it closer to you for easy reach of the controls. Even fully collapse the handle to transport the Amigo!

The best part? The EZ-Tilt is standard on the Amigo Classic FD, Viva, RT Express, RD and HD models.

(Click on the image to view the video.)

July 1, 2011

Amigos to be used inside Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia

This week marked an exciting week for Amigo Mobility. After a year of negotiations and ironing out details, 99 customized Amigo RD (rear drive) models were loaded into a 40 ft. shipping container, bound for Saudi Arabia.

The Amigos will be used inside the Grand Mosque, which rests on 88 acres of land and holds up to four million people. Once during their lifetime, Muslims are required to make the journey to the Grand Mosque in what is called a "Hajj" or pilgrimage. The pilgrimage occurs during the months of August and November. This year, pilgrims with walking limitations will rely on the assistance of Amigo POV/scooters built in Michigan.

The customized RD units include a pre-programmed maximum speed of 4.1 mph, larger batteries, surround bumper with stability wheels, rear bumper cover,  and underbody plate to protect from sand and moisture. Also included in the order were 10 Tag-a-Long seats which are hitched to the back of the Amigo and allow for a passenger to be transported.

The details that were addressed from receiving the first email to closing up the shipping container were numerous. Logistically, problem-solving was the name of the game when it came to orchestrating an order of this magnitude. 

Currently the container is en route to the Charleston, S.C. port before being loaded in the Saudi Arabia-bound ship. Expected arrival in Jeddah is late July.