July 15, 2011

From boring to exciting

Amigo Mobility takes its environmental impact extremely seriously.  Did you know the cover on an Amigo can be recycled? It's made of plastic -- simply put it in your curbside recycling bin. In fact, every piece and part of the Amigo can be recycled -- or better yet -- reused!

Even the powder coating process (gives the Amigo its color) for all Amigos is green. Steve and Gerry Boehm, owners of Bridgeport PowderWorks which sits on the Amigo Mobility campus, use the Eco-Quest phosphate-free pre-treatment system to clean and surface prep all the platforms used on Amigo mobility scooters and electric shopping carts prior to powder coating. Gerry says, “You could actually shower in this. It’s like glorified dish water.” 

When a mobility scooter platform arrives at Amigo Mobility, it sort of looks like a pizza without all the yummy toppings: boring. After it gets its powder "bath," the platform is bursting with color and ready to be transformed into a shiny new Amigo.
I've really been trying to reduce the amount of waste that goes out in our garbage can each week. Instead, our recycling bin is overflowing! I'm also learning about the importance of reusing an item than for it's original purpose -- this is hard for me! What tips do you have for reusing and recycling?

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