July 28, 2011

Guatemalan man travels to Saginaw for life-changing surgery

Earlier this month, Synergy Medical Education Alliance and Covenant Healthcare worked together change a Guatemalan man's life.

During a mission trip to the tiny village of El Cedo, Guatemala, staff from Synergy Medical met Fernando Popking, 37, who had a 10 lb. tumor on his hip and were determined to help him. Father of 5, Fernando had trouble walking, sitting and sleeping because of the tumor.

Dr. Anthony de Bari did the surgery for free for Fernando, while Synergy Medical Education Manager Anthony Taylor helped coordinate the trip to Saginaw, Mich.

While recovering, Fernando visited a local grocery store and rode on his first Amigo! Thank you Dr. de Bari, Synergy Medical and Covenant Healthcare for helping Fernando!

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Ruby said...

Good to hear his lengthy trip was worth it! Now it's so much easier to go on everything from the shopping mall to Alaskan cruises.

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