July 21, 2011

Helpful Resources

Our website http://www.myamigo.com/ provides numerous helpful links that we hope you'll find useful. Found under the Contact tab and "related links," you'll find helpful links in three categories (or click here to be taken directly to the page).

Here are a few highlights. Be sure to head over to our website to view the rest of them!

Helpful Resources

  • abledata.com provides objective information on almost 40,000 assistive products. Able Data provides a wealth of information right at your fingertips by using the search function, browsing the Assistive Technology Library and reading reviews on products.
  • savysenior.com is a news hub for baby boomers and senior citizens as well as their families. You'll find numerous senior focused links on the Senior Resources page and recent news updates in the Senior Newswire section.
Human Interest
  • Ron Bachman has been an Amigo owner since 1980. He is an inspiring motivational speaker and anti-bullying leader that travels the country speaking to middle schoolers about respect and how taunting and teasing hurts. (See our previous post about his new reality show by clicking here.)
  • brianandtrisston.com features husband and wife motivational speaking team Brian and Trisston Burrows. Trisston is an Amigo owner and previous Miss Wheelchair America. Two common themes they speak about is disability awareness and promoting the abilities of those with disabilities.

What are your favorite links? Our goal is to have myamigo.com be a site that provides a wealth of helpful information. Leave your favorite links in the comment section or email to jfoster@myamigo.com. Happy clicking!

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