August 1, 2011

Helpful Tips for Traveling with a Mobility Scooter - Part 1

It's travel week here on the Amigo Mobility blog! Each day this week we'll post helpful travel tips that will give you the insider's edge into traveling with a mobility scooter. Everything from finding accessible lodging to navigating airport security will be included in our daily posts. Enjoy the ride!


Today's post focuses on using qualified individuals to assist in making travel arrangements as well as booking a hotel room that is completely accessible for a mobility scooter.

Travel Agent
Using a qualified accessible travel agent can be most helpful in planning a trip where the unknown could become a major barrier to enjoying a vacation. Accessible travel author Candy Harrington offers these tips to help find the right travel agent for you.
  • Ask a friend who has recently used an accessible travel agent. They will know first-hand what they liked or didn't like about the agent they used.  
  • Confirm that they're a true accessible travel expert. If they claim to have a certification (such as Certified Accessible Travel Specialist) ask how many hours of training was required to receive it.
  • Do they travel themselves? What better way to know if a trip is truly accessible?  

Lodging is another important part of accessible travel. Use these tips to secure an accessible sleeping space for your get-away.
  • Use a hotel name you or others have had success with.
  • Read up on hotel access laws to know about design standards for different establishments (
  • If using an online resource to a book a hotel room, call to confirm accessible offerings before booking, even if the site offers information about the room. Inquire about doorway widths, furniture height and restroom accommodations. Request to see photos of the rooms.
  • Ron at The Disabled Traveler's Companion knows first-hand that a confirmation number does not guarantee the reservation of an accessible room. Call to confirm your accessible room reservation before arrival.
Check out this helpful video to give you an idea of accessible hotel room ammenities and how even the little details make such a big difference. (Click on the image to view the video.)

Do you have any tried and true tips for using an accessible travel agent or booking an accessible hotel room?

Check back for tomorrow's post on ground transportation travel tips!

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