August 2, 2011

Mobility Scooter Travel Tips - Part 2 - Ground Transportation

Today's post is the second in a five-part series on traveling with a mobility scooter. Click here for the first post on using an accessible travel agent and finding accessible lodging.

Ground Transportation

Many people choose to travel by car, bus or train as the least expensive options. Destinations for a quick getaway, extended weekend or mini vacation are reached relatively quickly, leaving enough time to relax and have fun.

Use these tips to make your travels using ground transportation as hassle-free as possible.
  • If traveling by car, use a portable mobility scooter, such as the TravelMate™, for quick and easy rest-stop breaks. Pack meals and snacks to reduce the number of necessary stops.
  • If bus travel works best for you, contact the carrier as far in advance as possible to make arrangements. Many offer assistance with boarding, luggage and retrieving mobility scooters.
  • Train travel can be relaxing if you do your homework up front. Choose the carrier that best meets your needs and requirements. For overnight routes, request a private bedroom and confirm that your car has wide enough doorways and that switches are low enough on the wall for you to reach.
With just one official month of summer left, where are you heading for the last get-away of the summer?

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on air travel!


pimalai said...

I usually travel by land when going on vacation. I must say, I've never ridden a train apart from occasionally taking the city rail to work. As such, I am really curious how traveling longer distances would be like.

Mobility Scooters said...

Thanks for sharing these tips. These tips are very helpful for me to travel anywhere with mobility scooters.

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