November 16, 2011

Music of Difference - Amigo Owner Catherine Branch

Catherine Branch
We are excited to support flutist and Amigo owner Catherine Branch, who recently released a CD entitled Music of Difference. Living with diplegic cerebral palsy, Catherine strives to inspire positive change and promote inclusion and equality for individuals with disabilities. 

Music of Difference is part of a larger project that Catherine has been working on over the past few years. While traveling as part of the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, Catherine was inspired to use her music to spread her message of respect and creativity. She observed and taught music classes, and performed in concerts in Australia and across the United States. Through her travels she was able to get in touch with and learn from the international community of disabled people.

Music of Difference is the culmination of the efforts of her and her team, and is described on the album cover as "music exploring the beauty in disability and diversity." Through her music, Catherine hopes to increase awareness for the disabled community and help people embrace their disability.

In the liner notes of Music of Difference, Catherine writes: "I remain convinced that having a disability was not a 'defect,' but an experience. And just as each of our experiences shape who we are and who we become, the experience of disability can add a unique and positive perspective to one's life."

Visit the Music of Difference website to purchase a CD or learn more about Catherine's cause.

To read more about Catherine's experiences with the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, click here.

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