December 26, 2011

Stop Medicare Waste

"I am a former sales manager of the mobility industry. Even though I have been out of the scooter business for some time, it was near to hear someone say what needed to be said. Those of us who, like you, have seen this problem first hand, can only wonder how many times and at what cost this same problem is being repeated throughout every facet of government. How close could we come to balancing the budget if similar problems could be eliminated in every department of the government.

I remember reading an article in a health care magazine in the late 90s which reported an outrageous growth in the sales of power wheelchairs in just one year's time. I was shocked! I incorrectly assumed that someone in our government would also see those numbers and do something about it. They did... they tightened funding for scooters and let the power wheelchair funding go wild! I remember talking to a dealer in Florida who agreed that what was happening was wrong. However, after a couple of years, he decided he either had to play ball or perish, so he began selling power wheelchairs.

I took the other path and left the business! I applaud you in your efforts for trying to bring the to the public's attention and fix it. This is a very good example of what ails our economy. The government is paying twice what they should for the wrong product -- than buying it overseas and eliminating jobs at American companies like Amigo."

December 19, 2011

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