December 26, 2011

Stop Medicare Waste: Diane Sawyer

"I've been just about everywhere on my Amigo; Disney World, Sea World, Hawaii and Mackinac Island, where I even walked the Mackinac Bridge 5 mile walk. I use it to shop at grocery stores and malls, and use it often to visit the ice cream shop by my house with my grandkids.

I love the Amigo because it has room to store my purse on the platform beneath my feet. Power wheelchairs don't have any place to put a purse, maybe they think that people who use these chairs don't need a purse because they always have someone with them. My Amigo has made me very independent, and I often grocery shop by myself. People are always amazed at how many groceries I can fit onto my Amigo!

I just wanted you to know how much my Amigo means to me and how much it has helped me. You and your people do good things for others and I wish Medicare could see that."

Diane Sawyer
December 20, 2011

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