April 29, 2011

TravelMate III helps area business owner

Al Thieme and Jon Hall, presidents and founders of their own businesses, are both entrepreneurs whose dreams and ambition led to successful companies. Thieme founded Amigo Mobility International, Inc. in 1968 after inventing the first power operated vehicle/scooter. Hall founded Glastender, Inc. in 1969 after inventing the first rotary glass-washer. Both men have seen their children join the ranks of the family businesses and are actively involved in the Family Business Program conducted at Saginaw Valley State University.
Jon Hall’s knees are admittedly “shot,” but Al Thieme sees that as no excuse not to be moving and energized. Buzzing around the spacious hallways of Glastender on the newest Amigo TravelMate III, Jon continues to be active and hands-on at work. Lightweight and foldable, the Amigo is easily transported in his vehicle for outdoor excursions.
Hall explains, “With my bad knees, walking long distances at trade shows is a problem. The TravelMate keeps me energized and able to check out the competition! This taller seat is at a good level to speak with people, too.”

Jon's TravelMate III is customized with a tall seat post, different seat to allow him to sit higher, and a painted black platform.

The TravelMate III is now in full production. “Active seniors needing just that extra bit of walking assistance for long distances will want the TravelMate III. They’ll be able to fold it up, put it in the car and be on their way.”

For further information on the TravelMate III visit our website or call 1-800-MY-AMIGO.

April 28, 2011

See the new TravelMate III in action

Read more about the new TravelMate.

Introducing the Amigo TravelMate III Travel Scooter

Amigo is excited to announce the launch of the new TravelMate III travel scooter. The new TravelMate III was designed for those who need walking assistance for longer distances, such as shopping trips to the mall and sight-seeing excursions. Featuring a powerful front drive hub motor and twist-grip throttle (think motorcycle grip), the new TravelMate III is jam-packed with additional features such as:
  • an aluminum platform
  • 53 lb weight (without batteries)
  • 31-in turning radius
  • forward and reverse applications
  • collapsible seat and handle
  • adjustable seat
  • front wheel guard which also serves as the lifting handle
  • lithium-ion battery option
  • three color options: cinnamon red, pacific blue, NEW lime green

After removing the basket and battery pack, it takes just two adjustments for the unit to fold down to slide easily into a trunk.

There's no need to sit at home and let life pass by -- the TravelMate III gets you back to your active lifestyle!

For further information or to purchase a TravelMate III, visit myamigo.com or call 1-800-MY-AMIGO to speak directly with a mobility specialist.

April 26, 2011

Parts for Carts

Amigo is pleased to announce its newest division, Parts for Carts, which offers rebuilt components and parts for electric shopping carts. Having recently relocated to Frankenmuth, Mich. a press release was distributed nationwide announcing details of the business. Rebuilt parts for sale include:
  • batteries
  • motors
  • controllers
  • tires
  • seats and more
Environmental responsibility continues to remain a priority for Amigo. CEO Beth Thieme reinforces this responsibility, “From recycling to reusing to reducing – awareness and action are important throughout our business as we work to fulfill and sustain our environmental commitment." 

Read the full press release here.

April 19, 2011

Earth Day at Amigo!

Every year Amigo Mobility celebrates Earth Day, as a Green Certified Business, being environmentally friendly is a priority for us.

For the past few years we have asked Team Amigo to make an Earth Day pledge. Here are some 2011 green pledges from Team Amigo:
  • Jeff: I will pick up trash, even if it does not belong to me.
  • Mary Ann: I pledge to use more vinegar and baking soda as cleaners.
  • Jean: This year we are using organic fertilizer on our garden and making our garden larger.
  • Trish: I am going to start using a clothes line and reusable shopping bags!
  • Heather: I am going to start car pooling with a co-worker.  
  • Mike: I pledge to start a compost bin by May 1.
What is your Earth Day pledge? I'd love to hear what it is in the comment section below! Mine is to start using a rain barrel to water our plants and garden.

April 15, 2011

Amigo Mobility Expands Service Support

Bridgeport, Mich., April 15, 2011 -- Amigo Mobility International, Inc. is expanding service coverage of POV/scooters to include Rascal scooters.

With the recent closing of Electric Mobility Corporation, manufacturer of Rascal scooters, Amigo Mobility is expanding service coverage to help owners of Rascal scooters.

Electric Mobility Corporation will continue to honor warranties and fill replacement part orders. If additional service advice or support is needed, owners can contact Amigo Mobility.

“We are proud to be able to support and help Rascal scooter owners as much as we can, drawing on our 43 years of experience in the mobility industry,” says Al Thieme, founder and president of Amigo Mobility International.

Based in Bridgeport, Mich., Amigo Mobility manufactures a complete line of POV/scooters for consumer in-home use, grocery and other retail stores, hospitals, libraries and more.

Contact 1-800-MY-AMIGO (1-800-692-6446) for service support or more information, or visit www.myamigo.com.

About Amigo Mobility
Improving Lives Through Mobility® since 1968, an entire industry was founded when Al Thieme invented the first POV/scooter for a family member with multiple sclerosis. Today, Amigo Mobility, a family-owned business, manufactures a complete line of USA-made mobility products at its headquarters in Bridgeport, Mich. and serves a variety of markets, the full line Amigo POV/scooters can be viewed on www.myamigo.com.


For more information:
Julie Foster
Marketing Manager
Amigo Mobility International, Inc.

April 14, 2011

Amigos for all sizes: RT Express Jr.

The RT Express Jr. is the perfect Amigo model for those with smaller frames. We call it "Jr." because the platform is three inches shorter than the standard RT Express platform (at 41.5 inches). The customer I made this unit for is a little person and required specific product changes to fit his needs.
Visit our customize page on our Web site for more customization options.

April 5, 2011

V-Trak Seating

(This post is part 3 of a 3-part series featuring Amigo seating options. See part 1 here and part 2 here.)

The completely customizable V-Trak seating system allows you to choose the type of cushions you need for both the back rest and seat bottom. By using the Adapt-A-Seat frame with pan, the V-Trak system uses a series of mounting brackets to tailor the positioning of the seat.

Cushion options include:
Greg Altimore, Amigo's certified Assistive Technology Professional, explains the benefits of V-Trak seating options in the following video.