December 17, 2012

Oscar Pistorious - Definitely Able

Oscar Pistorious, who competed in the 2012 Olympic Games and runs with two prosthetic legs, took on the challenge of racing an Arabian race horse to raise awareness for the "Definitely Able" campaign. The campaign works to eliminate discrimination toward athletes with disabilities. The horse did not stand a chance -- there is no doubt that Oscar is definitely able!

Click on the arrow below to watch the video of Oscar racing a horse!

December 14, 2012

Merry Christmas from Amigo and Ernie Douglas!

Did you receive our Christmas e-card last year? Our 2011 Christmas card featured Amigo owner Ernie Douglas, a jazz musician who lives in Kansas. He even shared a collection of favorite Christmas tunes with us -- click here to see Ernie's renditions of Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!

Be sure to sign up for our Friendly Wheels e-newsletter to make sure you receive our 2012 Christmas e-card, which features original artwork by Amigo owner Troy Parker! You will also receive our monthly e-newsletter which includes mobility news, inspiring stories and helpful tips. 

December 11, 2012

Stop Medicare Waste - Lorraine Sabo

"Seeing ads about how you can get a power chair or scooter through Medicare and insurance, I decided to call and ask if they had Amigos. They said they had no outlet but asked me a lot of questions. Even though their ads show people going places outdoors, they told me if Medicare was to pay, the vehicle would have to be used inside. I don't understand. I am now 79 years old with rheumatoid arthritis, and though I can still walk with caution in my home with a cane or walker, I cannot take out the garbage, get my mail, go shopping or walk my dog without my Amigo. It seems like they want to trap me in my home.

Until recently, I did not even realize that my Amigo is nine years old. I am now scared to death that it may stop working and Medicare won't pay for another one -- what will I do?

I am asking for your help to find an Amigo outlet in my area that can get me a new Amigo but work with me to have Medicare pay for it. I guess it make me angry that people like me who need a scooter to survive have to beg for help from Medicare while some people are handed things they don't need. 

Thank you for reading this letter, and any help from you to solve my problem would be extremely appreciated."

Lorraine Sabo
Largo, FL
July 28, 2012

December 5, 2012

Medicare Reimbursement - Waste and Abuse

Medicare reimbursement waste and abuse often eliminates the choice for people with limited mobility. Click here to read testimonials from frustrated people who are unable to get the equipment they need. Do you have a story about Medicare reimbursement to share? Send your story to

November 14, 2012

Bridgeport Amigo Mobility Center --Toys for Tots Drop-off Center!

Although it is still the beginning of November, December is right around the corner! What better way to show our Christmas spirit than to donate to children less fortunate? This year, the Bridgeport Amigo Mobility Center has signed up to be a Toys for Tots drop off location. You can help bring a smile to the face of a child this Christmas by donating a new unwrapped toy. Donations will be accepted through Friday, November 30 to the box in the mobility center at:

Amigo Mobility
6693 Dixie Highway
Bridgeport, MI 48722

Not able to come visit us at Amigo but still want to donate? Visit to make an online donation or to find a local drop-off location near you.

November 2, 2012

Amigo Flashback - Jack Howard

Our November issue of the Friendly Wheels enewsletter reminded us a funny note from long time Amigo friends Jack and Mary Ellen Howard -- the note is dated October of 1971! Jack bought his first Amigo in 1970, and Mary Ellen had this to say about her new found freedom:
Mary Ellen's letter from 1971, and
Jack with another Amigo owner in the 1970's

Dear Al - 

Last night I realized I should write an Amigo testimonial!

Since Jack's been using the Amigo for some time, imagine my delight at the recent discovery that not only can he change the cat's litter, but he can also haul out the garbage!

Three cheers!

Mary Ellen

p.s. I also get the car as he "Amigoes" to work in good weather. 

The letter is written on stationery from Howard Jewelers in Perrysburg, Oh. -- click here to read an article about Jack and Mary Ellen's daughter Christina, who is also an Amigo owner and now owns and operates the jewelry store!

November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween from Team Amigo!

Happy Halloween from your friends at Amigo Mobility -- we hope you were able to join in on the fun! We enjoyed the holiday as a team with a fall themed potluck luncheon and costume contest, with appearances from The Three Stooges, Rosie the Riveter, a cavewoman, three witches and even James Bond!
Enjoy a few photos from our potluck!

October 25, 2012

Tom's Journey to Comfort

Our Amigo Mobility Center in Bridgeport, Mich. recently received a very special visitor all the way from Georgia! Tom Graham has been a loyal Amigo owner since 1978, but had begun to experience back pain due to extended periods of sitting. 

Tom and his mother Donna traveled to Bridgeport, Mich. in September to meet with ATP certified seating specialist Joe Thieme. Joe created a customized seating solution that allows Tom to be more comfortable and functional in his Amigo. 

Here is what Donna had to say about Tom's new seat:

Joe Thieme and Tom Graham
You are the treasure for Tom and me in our journey to find a seat for the Amigo. Your expertise is complimented by your patient manner and attention to detail.

Tom is enjoying his new seat and freedom from back pain because he now sits properly on his Amigo. 

Thank you, Joe, for putting together this wonderful seat -- you are the best.

Donna Graham
September 2012

Visit or contact our mobility consultants at 1.800.MY.AMIGO to see what custom seating options are available for you. 

October 17, 2012

Famous Amigo Owner - Totie Fields

Totie Fields (May 7, 1930 – August 2, 1978) was an American comedienne who was popular in the 1960s and 70s. 

She received her first big break from Ed Sullivan when he saw her perform in New York and booked her to appear on The Ed Sullivan Show. She appeared in many popular shows throughout the 60s and 70s.

Fields began using an Amigo scooter in 1976 after a failed surgery to remove a blood clot led to amputation.

In her first onscreen appearance after her amputation, she memorably exclaimed, "I've waited all my life to say this... I weigh less than Elizabeth Taylor!"

October 16, 2012

Stop Medicare Waste - Sebert Guckian

"I have used an Amigo since I purchased my first one in 1975. You make a quality scooter. The competition cannot even come close to producing a quality product like the Amigo. 

Up until I reached Medicare age, I always had to pay for my own scooter. No insurance -- nothing but my money. After reaching Medicare age, I finally got the government to help pay for some of the cost. I am now told by my supplier here in Ohio that they can no longer participate in the Medicare scooter reimbursement program because it is a losing game for them. They were actually losing money, so they dropped out of the program altogether. 

Since they are local and have always supplied me with quality service and immediate emergency assistance I will continue to get Amigos, and I guess I will have to go back to footing the bill on my own. Thanks for listening, and keep up the good work!"

Sebert Guckian
Xenia, Ohio
September 7, 2012

October 10, 2012

"Locked Up" for a Cause

Jordan Thieme "locked up" to
support the MDA
Amigo's own Jordan Thieme has been locked up -- his crime? Having a huge heart! 

Jordan participated in October's MDA Lock-Up in Saginaw, Mich., with all proceeds benefitting the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Funds raised at the event support MDA programs such as clinic visits, summer camps, flu shots and support groups.

After an hour of "hard time," Jordan helped raise $650 to support the MDA through "bail money" donations from his friends, family and coworkers. Team Amigo has been a long-time supporter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and we thank Jordan for doing his part!

If you would like to make a donation to support the MDA, please click here

Click here to read a past blog post about how Amigo owner Louie Cowan supports the MDA!

October 2, 2012

Finding a Universally Designed University

Melissa Nicholson attends Aurora University in Aurora, Ill.
Did you miss last month's issue of our Friendly Wheels enewsletter? Click here to read about Melissa Nicholson, who has used a mobility device to help her get around since second grade, and now uses an Amigo as she pursues her Bachelor's Degree in Social Work. Melissa also gave us some great tips for how to make attending classes more accessible!

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September 25, 2012

Team Amigo at the Trek for Travis!

Team Amigo had a great time at this weekend's Trek for Travis 5k in Reese! All proceeds benefitted Sergeant Travis Mills of Vassar, who was critically injured during his third tour of duty in Afghanistan. 

Sergeant Mills is now on the road to recovery at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center near Washington, DC. Thank you Sergeant Mills for your dedication and sacrifice, and thank you Team Amigo for supporting him!

Team Amigo members Jim, Michael, Mike, Jeff and Kate before the race

September 13, 2012

Famous Amigo Owner - Colonel Sanders

Harland "Colonel" Sanders (September 9, 1890 – December 16, 1980) was founder of the popular fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken. 

In 1930, Sanders was operating a service station in Corbin, Kentucky, and saw a need for quick and easy meals for families on the go. He began serving what he called "Sunday Dinner, Seven Day A Week."

Sanders began using an Amigo scooter in the latter years of his life, possibly due to a leukemia diagnosis shortly before his death.

Since its start at a service station in 1930, KFC has rapidly grown to one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the world. KFC continues to use the Colonel's likeness as the core of their branding.

Wheelchair Accessories: Brighten up your wheelchair!

Fall is in the air, and for many that means one thing - football! Whether it's high school, college or a professional team, having the right wheelchair accessories can help you stay comfortable while watching your favorite team. Below you will find tips on how to brighten up your wheelchair in a fun, safe and convenient way.

  • LED lights are a fun, eye-catching accessory that will bring radiant color to your wheelchair. With the upcoming fall weather and it getting darker earlier, having LED lights around the wheels will keep you safe by allowing people around you to see you. This is also a unique way to brighten your wheelchair and add fun color for you and others to see! 

  • Customized wheels and wheel covers are a stylish way to personalize the wheels on your wheelchair. By adding a wheel cover, you can make your wheelchair unique, fun, and personal. Decorate your wheels with your favorite sports team, pet, car, season or just to add some color. The possibilities are endless!

  • Cup holders are another fun feature to add to your wheelchair. Fall is one of the best times of the year to enjoy hot chocolate or hot apple cider. Enjoy one of these beverages on a chilly night at a football game and store your beverage in your cup holder!

  • Leg comforters are a combination of a blanket and pillow for your legs. With the upcoming fall season, this is especially comforting when sitting in the cool weather for a football game or just enjoying the change of seasons outdoors. Patricia McLendon of Philadelphia, Pa. designed the wheelchair leg comforter for her mother's comfort. For more information on this product, please e-mail Patricia at

For more information on wheelchair accessories, please visit

September 6, 2012

Making Memories - Shelley Peterman Schwarz

How adorable is this? Long time Amigo owner Shelley Peterman Schwarz finds unique ways to create memories for her young grandchildren. "I'm trying to plant the seeds of happy memories of Grandma Shelley and her special Amigo," Shelley said. "Grandma's legs may not work, but she gives us rides on her 'magic carpet'." Click the arrow below to watch the video!

For more inspiring posts from Shelley, visit her blog

September 4, 2012

Stop Medicare Waste - Patricia Lay-Dorsey

"I have been a grateful customer of yours for the past 12 years. Whenever I see advertisements for the Scooter store, I want to say, 'No. Don't go there. Go to Amigo instead. They make the best product.' I have said that exact thing to countless people over the years. In today's world, it can be hard to compete with companies that buy truckloads of advertising but do not have the long-term experience or technical expertise that you have at Amigo.

What you have is loyal customers like me, individuals whose lives have been made richer and fuller because of your scooters. I personally cannot imagine what my life would be like today if I had not discovered Amigo in 2000 when I graduated from using a walker to a scooter. I have the most exciting life of anyone I know -- non-disabled and disabled alike -- and it is due in large part to the fact that 24 years with primary progressive multiple sclerosis has not cramped my style at all, thanks to my can-do spirit and your Amigo scooters!

If disabled persons around the world could only see and hear the personal stories of Amigo users, they would flock to you like bees to honey. My story is your story because the Amigo scooter is what gives me the full life I live."

Patricia Lay-Dorsey
Detroit, Michigan
August 27, 2012

August 28, 2012

Falling Into Place - Patricia Lay-Dorsey

Why do we love our job so much? It's hard not to when your customers send you books dedicated to your product and company! Photographer and Amigo owner Patricia Lay-Dorsey (pictured below) sent us a book of self portraits, called Falling Into Place, with the following dedication:

"I dedicate this book to my scooter and the people who made it. They call their company Amigo and I call my scooter my best friend."

Your book is wonderful Patricia, and we are so happy that your Amigo has helped you continue to pursue your dreams!

August 27, 2012

Counting Down to the Paralympics!

Are you as excited as we are to follow the London Paralympic Games this week? 

Turn up your volume and click the link below to "Meet the Superhumans" and catch a glimpse of the inspiring athletes who will compete in the 2012 Games! Visit the official Paralympics website to see the schedule for your favorite sport and learn more about the athletes. The opening ceremony for the Games will take place Wednesday, August 29 at 4pm EST. 

Though the Games will not be fully aired on television, the U.S. Olympic Committee is working to increase Paralympic coverage both on TV and online. Click here to learn how you can tune in and follow your favorite athletes. 

Did you miss this month's issue of our Friendly Wheels e-newsletter? Click here to read our feature article about Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long!

August 21, 2012

STAY on the go!

Amigo account representative Trisha recently gained some unexpected experience test driving Amigos! 

Since breaking her foot while camping with her family, Trisha has been zooming around the office on an Amigo, and it has helped her stay as busy as ever! We are so happy to be able to keep Trisha in the office and on the go as she recovers from her injury.

Do you know someone who could benefit from an Amigo rental? Amigo has mobility equipment rentals available for long and short term use. To inquire about rental opportunities, call 1.800.MY.AMIGO or visit

We wish you a speedy recovery Trisha!

August 16, 2012

Stop Medicare Waste - Isobel Kramen

"I have been an Amigo owner since 1975, and I am currently using my seventh Amigo. All of my Amigo purchases have been self paid, and I have not utilized Medicare. I was pushed into using a power wheelchair before, and it was a horrible experience. I am used to the seat on the Amigo, and I really felt I was enclosed in that power wheelchair. I couldn't control it the way I could the Amigo. 

Not being able to walk, that machine really does give me freedom. The other day I went to the bank, to the grocery store, to buy lottery tickets and to the post office. I am able to do all those things within a mile of my house — I was out of the house all day! I wouldn't be able to do those things without my Amigo. 

Mr. Thieme created the Amigo based on the needs of a family member, not for financial gain, and it shows. He has proved himself to me many times. If there is anything I can do to help your situation with Medicare, I am up for it."

Isobel Kramen
Wilmington, Delaware
August 16, 2012

August 13, 2012

A-M-I-G-O Interns!

We will miss our summer interns as they leave us to return to school for the fall semester!

We hope you enjoyed your summer with us -- have a great school year, and stop in to see us anytime!

Amigo summer interns Nate, Ben, Mary, Adam and John showing their Amigo pride!

August 10, 2012

Good Luck Oscar!

Amigo Mobility would like to send out well wishes to Oscar Pistorious, who will be running in the 4x400 meter relay Olympic finals tonight as part of team South Africa! 

Born with fibular hemimelia (same as Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long!), Oscar had a double below-the-knee amputation at 11 months old. He now wears prosthetics designed for running when he competes. 

While Oscar participated in the 2004 and 2008 Paralympic Games, his attempts to join the South African Olympic team had been unsuccessful until this year. 

Despite controversy surrounding his prosthetics, Oscar successfully qualified for the 2012 South African Olympic team and became the first amputee runner to compete at the Olympic Games on August 4, 2012.    

Congratulations on this accomplishment Oscar, and good luck tonight!

August 8, 2012

Representative Stacy Erwin Oakes Visits Amigo

State Representative Stacy Erwin Oakes visited Amigo on July 30 to tour our manufacturing plant. She shared her enthusiasm for Michigan manufacturing and for Amigo Mobility's honor as the 2012 Michigan Manufacturer of the Year award. Representative Erwin Oakes even presented Al and Beth Thieme with a congratulatory certificate in recognition of the award.

Thank you Rep. Erwin Oakes for taking the time to visit Amigo, we appreciate your support!

Al Thieme, Beth Thieme, Rep. Stacy Erwin Oakes, 
Jen Thieme Kehres and Jordan Thieme

August 5, 2012

Famous Amigo Owner - Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor (December 1, 1940 – December 10, 2005) was a comedian, writer, actor and MC with career peaks in the 1970s.

Pryor worked as a writer in the 1970s for popular television shows including Sanford and Son, The Flip Wilson Show and a Lily Tomlin special. He has also appeared in many popular films, including Blazing Saddles, which he also co-wrote.

Pryor began using an Amigo power-operated vehicle in the early 1990s after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1986.

He is considered one of the most influential and controversial stand-up comedians of his time, pioneering edgy material that still influences comedians today.

August 2, 2012

Vintage Friendly Wheels: Jana Herron

The 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games reminded us of a vintage issue Friendly Wheels! 

Amigo owner Jana Herron appeared on the cover of our summer 1994 issue of Friendly Wheels sporting spirited American flag attire! At the time, Jana was studying at Kalamazoo Valley Community College in Michigan and participating in swimming competitions with the hopes of competing in the 1996 Paralympics in Atlanta. 

Jana's right leg was amputated when she was just a baby due to a blood clot that formed when she was two days old.

Despite this challenge, Jana remained active not only with swimming, but also with jazz dancing, gymnastics, ballet, skiing, biking and showing championship pigs through her local 4-H. 

We tried contacting Jana to catch up and see what she's up to these days, but we were unable to reach her. If you know Jana, please email us at -- we'd love to talk to her!
Were you featured in a vintage Friendly Wheels article? We'd love to hear from you and catch up! Contact us at

Friendly Wheels is no longer available in print, but if you'd like to sign up to receive our monthly Friendly Wheels e-newsletter, visit

July 28, 2012

Saying Goodbye - Ed Trombly

Amigo Mobility says goodbye to a dear friend of our company this week with the passing of industrial designer Ed Trombly. During his career, Ed created countless product, packaging and industrial designs for major U.S. corporations and played an integral part in the design of many of our Amigo models. 

Amigo founder Al Thieme said, "Ed meant a lot to our company -- he has been very involved with the design of Amigo products. All of us at Amigo will miss Ed. His wit and excitement kept our products in the 'limelight.'"

July 26, 2012

Representative Ken Horn Tours Amigo Manufacturing Facilities

We had a great visit with Michigan Representative Ken Horn at the Amigo home offices in Bridgeport yesterday! Representative Horn toured our manufacturing facility and showed his support for local manufacturing. Here are some photos from his visit with Amigo Chairman & Founder Al Thieme and family:

July 23, 2012

Stop Medicare Waste: "Never Used" Power Wheelchairs for Sale

It is unfortunate to see so many ads for power wheelchairs that are "brand new" or "never used" posted on and similar websites. 

The current Medicare reimbursement structure makes it difficult for consumers to choose mobility equipment that best suits their lifestyle, and many who would prefer a power-operated vehicle (POV)/scooter are left with power wheelchairs as their only choice. It is easier for consumers to receive a power wheelchair for free at a greater cost to Medicare, while mobility POV/scooters which are less expensive are only partially covered.

Many who receive a free power wheelchair from Medicare are then stuck with equipment they cannot use, and are forced to try to sell the power wheelchair and pay out of pocket for mobility equipment that better meets their needs and lifestyle.

July 18, 2012

The Right Choice for YOU

Looking for a resource to help you through the overwhelming process of deciding which type of mobility equipment is best for you? 

Click here to read about UsersFirst, a program of the United Spinal Association that advocates for greater access to appropriate wheelchairs, mobility devices and seating systems for people with disabilities.

July 11, 2012

Famous Amigo Owner - Teri Garr

Teri Garr (born December 11, 1947) is a film and television actress whose film debut was in 1963.

She has appeared in a variety of successful films, and is most famous for her performance as Inga in Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein

She was nominated for an Academy Award in 1982 for her role in Tootsie with Dustin Hoffman. 

Garr is living with multiple sclerosis and uses an Amigo power-operated vehicle to help with her mobility.

She currently serves as National Ambassador for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and National Chair for the Society's Women Against MS program. 

July 6, 2012

Help Stop Medicare Abuse

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) fraud costs Medicare millions of dollars each year. Examples of DME include:

- Oxygen tanks
- Walkers
- Wheelchairs
- Diabetic test strips
- Home oxygen equipment 
- Mobility POVs/scooters

Medicare error, fraud and abuse occurs when:

- Medicare is billed for items or equipment you never received
- Medicare is billed for services or equipment that is different from what you received
- Medicare is billed for home medical equipment after it has been returned

Be suspicious! The following instances are common indicators of Medicare abuse:

- If a provider tells you the equipment or service is free
- If a provider tells you they know how to get Medicare to pay for the item or service
- If a provider claims they represent Medicare

If your doctor, health care provider or supplier does not address your questions or concerns and you suspect Medicare abuse, please contact one of the following organizations:

  • Medicare - 1.800.MEDICARE
  • Office of Inspector General Hotline - 1.800.HHS.TIPS
  • MMAP Inc. - 1.800.803.7174 or

For more information on Medicare abuse in the mobility industry, visit If you would like help finding a dealer in your area, call 1.800.MY.AMIGO or email to

July 3, 2012

Our Choice for Favorite Athlete - Kyle Maynard!

Do you remember congenital amputee Kyle Maynard from our April issue of Friendly Wheels? He has been nominated to receive an ESPY award from ESPN for Best Athlete with a Disability! With all that he's accomplished and all he's done to help others, he definitely has our vote. Click here if you'd like to vote for Kyle too!

Read about Kyle's inspiring story here. 

June 25, 2012

Accessible RVing!

Who doesn't love to go on vacation? From a short weekend stay to a long-term trip to somewhere far away, it's great to get away and recharge.

RV travel allows you to meet all of your needs in advance without having to rely on the availability of accessible hotels or rental vehicles once you reach your destination. RV travel allows the spontaneity that air travel doesn't, allowing you to change your course on a whim.
An RV can be fully customized to meet your needs and abilities. Some common accessible adaptations include:

  • wheelchair and POV lifts/ramps
  • low countertops and cabinets
  • accessible shower with grab bars and a hand-held shower head
  • raised toilet seats
  • roll-under sinks
  • bright lighting
  • extra storage space for necessary supplies and equipment
  • built-in handicap accessible driving controls
An RV lift we recommend is The Travel Lift Chair, which fits standard RV doors without modifications. Designed by life-long RV travelers, the compact, minimalist design fits inside your RV and can't be seen from the outside. 

The Travel LIft Chair can be easily installed and removed with a detachable seat and seat arm for easy stowing during travel. If you are interested in trying a Travel LIft Chair in your RV or vehicle, visit or call 229.740.1799.

Click here or here to read more about accessible RV travel. 

June 22, 2012

Famous Amigo Owner - Jimmie Heuga

Jimmie Heuga (September 22, 1943 – February 8, 2010) was an American alpine ski racer and one of the first Team USA members to win an Olympic medal in his sport.

Heuga began skiing at age 2, and in 1958 was named to the U.S. Ski Team, making him the youngest man to ever make the squad at just 15 years old.

Multiple sclerosis brought an early end to Heuga's skiing career at age 27, and caused him to use an Amigo scooter to get around. 

After his skiing career ended, Heuga became an advocate of exercises and activities that combat the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Heuga also founded Can Do MS in 1984 to "promote the culture and belief that everyone living with MS has the power to live full lives."

June 8, 2012

Our Local Heroes - Congratulations to the Davert Family!

We are so happy for the Davert family of Bay City, Mich., who recently won a fully equipped accessible van through the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association! The Daverts were one of only three winners that were chosen from more than 1,700 entries by "local heroes" across the country. 

The Davert family is in disbelief, but are overjoyed to receive the van and recognition as local heroes. “I just can't wait to thank everyone for their votes and support,” said Missy Davert. “Our community did this. They made it happen.”

Thank you to any of our followers who may have voted to help the Daverts win!

Click here to read the full article about the Daverts.

Famous Amigo Owner - Hal Foster

Hal Foster (August 18, 1892 – July 25, 1982) was a Canadian-American illustrator and writer who is best known as creator of the Prince Valiant comic strip.

Prince Valiant was first published in 1937 and continued for decades. The comic strip has remained popular, and Foster was inducted into the Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Book Creators Hall of Fame in 2005.

Foster used an Amigo scooter in the latter years of his life as his health began to deteriorate due to arthritis and Alzheimer's disease. 

Foster had a significant impact on comic art, with many of his techniques and compositions continuing to influence artists today.

May 31, 2012

Amigos in Mexico - Royal Resorts

Mexico has always held a special place in Amigo founder Al Thieme’s heart. Having busy lives in Michigan, Thieme and wife, Beth, needed a relaxing getaway with their family. Since 1999, the Thieme family has enjoyed annual vacations at the beautiful Royal Sands in Cancun. 
The Royals Sands, Cancun

Al’s first vacation to Mexico was in 1967. This was also the first time he experienced pushing a close family member with multiple sclerosis in a wheelchair. Determined that there must be a better way, Al promised he would build “something” to make her more independent when they returned home to Michigan.

Within a few months, his invention was ready. It was named the Amigo because it was such a "friend" to its users and because the idea had materialized while vacationing in Mexico. 

When the Thiemes and their four children headed to Mexico in 1999 to vacation, they noticed guests using wheelchairs because of injuries or the inability to walk long distances in the heat and sun. They relied on family members to push them around all day, just as Al had experienced 32 years earlier. This time, however, he had a solution to offer. 

A ramp provides access to palapas at 
the Royal Sands
Al and Beth approached Royal Resorts management and showed them the advantages of using an Amigo while traveling. After a successful initial trial, they purchased two Amigos for each resort. Now guests can reserve an Amigo rental prior to their arrival or during their stay.

“Royal Resorts is the first chain of resorts to offer rental Amigos for their guests,” Al Thieme says. “It is great fun to see  guests riding independently.”

To rent an Amigo at any of the Royal Resorts, contact the Royal Market at +52.998.881.0112 or

May 24, 2012

Little "Amigos"!

We love this photo of the Saginaw Little League team we sponsor -- "Team Amigo"! Chris Hunter, a member of our production team, coaches the team with his wife Allyson while his son plays for the team. We hope all our little "Amigos" have a great time playing ball this summer!

May 22, 2012

Amigo Owner Supports Muscular Dystrophy Association

Amigo owner Louie Cowan recently participated in a "Muscle Walk" to support the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). The walk took place in Rockford, Ill. along the Mighty Rock River, where Louie and his fellows walkers raised more than $9,000 to support the MDA! 

"Thanks to my 'Amigo legs' I completed the fundraising walk and had fantastic weather -- 90 degrees and breezy!" Louie said. Congratulations Louie, we are happy that your Amigo helped you participate, and thank you for sharing this experience with us!

Do you have a story you'd like to share? Leave us a comment in the box below or send an email to!

May 18, 2012

Mobility Awareness Month - Congratulations to the Davert family!

Congratulations to the Davert family on being named a semifinalist in the competition to win an accessible van from the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association! Melissa Davert and her 13 year old twins Austin and Michaela have osteogenesis imperfecta and use power wheelchairs, and her husband Ken has cerebral palsy.

The public was asked to vote online for their favorite "local hero" story, and the 29,427 votes the Daverts received put them in the top 10 percent out of 1,700 entries. A panel of judges will decide on a winner in June.

We will keep our fingers crossed that the Davert's inspiring story will win them the accessible van. Thank you to any of our readers who may have voted for them in the past few months!

Click here for more information on the Davert family. 

May 17, 2012

Walk to End MS

Team Amigo recently participated in a local Walk to End MS through the National Multiple Sclerosis SocietyWalk MS remains an important event to Amigo Mobility because the first Amigo was invented for an individual who had MS. Thousands of people have regained their mobility due to using an Amigo in the 43 years since. Though a nasty thunderstorm caused the walk to be canceled, many Team Amigo members still made the trip to show their support. Through our fundraising efforts, we raised more than $1,700 in support of this worthy cause. 

There's still time to donate -- donations are being accepted through September. Visit the Team Amigo page to donate now.
Team Amigo members stay safe and dry while still supporting the fight against MS.

May 10, 2012

An Interview with Al & Beth Thieme - 2012 Michigan Manufacturers of the Year!

Al & Beth Thieme, Amigo founder & CEO (respectively) recently received the honor of being chosen as 2012 Michigan Manufacturer of the Year by the Michigan Manufacturing Association. Before receiving their award in Lansing, Mich. on May 8th, Al & Beth sat down with Tim Barron from Lansing's WLMI 92.9 to discuss the honor and a bit of Amigo history. Watch the video below to learn more!