February 21, 2012

Pursuing Economic Excellence

Parts for Carts, a subsidiary of Amigo Mobility, recently received an Economic Excellence Award from Saginaw Future. The award is given to companies in the Great Lakes Bay Region who invest in the area and help to create jobs. 

Amigo Mobility Founder Al Thieme and Parts for Carts General Manager Vernon Curtis

Amigo Mobility Chairman and Founder Al Thieme developed the idea of buying used electric shopping carts and refurbishing the parts in 2009. Shortly after, Parts for Carts was born. 

“Instead of tossing used electric shopping carts into landfills, we thought taking them apart, refurbishing the usable parts and selling them to service providers at a fraction of the cost would be better for the environment,” Thieme said.

As the general manager of Parts for Carts, Vernon Curtis employs four associates who test equipment, fill orders and track inventory. Curtis said, “I immediately knew this was an exciting opportunity. Not only are we practicing environmental awareness, but we also provide needed assistance to help businesses grow in the slumping economy.” 

Congratulations to Parts for Carts on this accomplishment!


Anonymous said...

I bought my 3 wheel Amigo in 1993. It has not been serviced for several years and seems ok but it needs new tires. Is there anyone in the area to do this? I see Fred Meyers uses Amigos and they are across th street. I am in Oregon.

Amigo Mobility said...

Thank you for your question! Our customer service team would be happy to help you find the Amigo service provider nearest you. Call 800-248-9131 or email info@myamigo.com for more information. They can also help you order new tires directly from our factory if you would like.

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