April 23, 2012

Big City Travel with Shelley Peterman Schwarz

Shelley Peterman Schwarz recently traveled to New York City to receive the Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Award - Books for a Better Life. She took her Amigo with her, and was able to navigate the city with ease.

Shelley had this to say about traveling with her Amigo:

"It was amazing and my wonderful little Amigo Travelmate took me everywhere in style  without a single problem. As I rolled around New York City, and believe me I did roll… miles and miles and miles, in my Amigo, I received lots of attention. The size, simplicity, and "zip" was what impressed people the most."

Watch the video clip below to see Shelley ride the bus with her Amigo. Congratulations on your award Shelley, you deserve it!


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