June 25, 2012

Accessible RVing!

Who doesn't love to go on vacation? From a short weekend stay to a long-term trip to somewhere far away, it's great to get away and recharge.

RV travel allows you to meet all of your needs in advance without having to rely on the availability of accessible hotels or rental vehicles once you reach your destination. RV travel allows the spontaneity that air travel doesn't, allowing you to change your course on a whim.
An RV can be fully customized to meet your needs and abilities. Some common accessible adaptations include:

  • wheelchair and POV lifts/ramps
  • low countertops and cabinets
  • accessible shower with grab bars and a hand-held shower head
  • raised toilet seats
  • roll-under sinks
  • bright lighting
  • extra storage space for necessary supplies and equipment
  • built-in handicap accessible driving controls
An RV lift we recommend is The Travel Lift Chair, which fits standard RV doors without modifications. Designed by life-long RV travelers, the compact, minimalist design fits inside your RV and can't be seen from the outside. 

The Travel LIft Chair can be easily installed and removed with a detachable seat and seat arm for easy stowing during travel. If you are interested in trying a Travel LIft Chair in your RV or vehicle, visit www.travelliftchair.com or call 229.740.1799.

Click here or here to read more about accessible RV travel. 

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Adco Products, Inc. said...

Everyone should be able to enjoy a trip on an RV! I am glad they're accessible to everyone.

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