July 6, 2012

Help Stop Medicare Abuse

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) fraud costs Medicare millions of dollars each year. Examples of DME include:

- Oxygen tanks
- Walkers
- Wheelchairs
- Diabetic test strips
- Home oxygen equipment 
- Mobility POVs/scooters

Medicare error, fraud and abuse occurs when:

- Medicare is billed for items or equipment you never received
- Medicare is billed for services or equipment that is different from what you received
- Medicare is billed for home medical equipment after it has been returned

Be suspicious! The following instances are common indicators of Medicare abuse:

- If a provider tells you the equipment or service is free
- If a provider tells you they know how to get Medicare to pay for the item or service
- If a provider claims they represent Medicare

If your doctor, health care provider or supplier does not address your questions or concerns and you suspect Medicare abuse, please contact one of the following organizations:

  • Medicare - 1.800.MEDICARE
  • Office of Inspector General Hotline - 1.800.HHS.TIPS
  • MMAP Inc. - 1.800.803.7174 or www.mmapinc.org

For more information on Medicare abuse in the mobility industry, visit www.myamigo.com. If you would like help finding a dealer in your area, call 1.800.MY.AMIGO or email to info@myamigo.com.

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