October 16, 2012

Stop Medicare Waste - Sebert Guckian

"I have used an Amigo since I purchased my first one in 1975. You make a quality scooter. The competition cannot even come close to producing a quality product like the Amigo. 

Up until I reached Medicare age, I always had to pay for my own scooter. No insurance -- nothing but my money. After reaching Medicare age, I finally got the government to help pay for some of the cost. I am now told by my supplier here in Ohio that they can no longer participate in the Medicare scooter reimbursement program because it is a losing game for them. They were actually losing money, so they dropped out of the program altogether. 

Since they are local and have always supplied me with quality service and immediate emergency assistance I will continue to get Amigos, and I guess I will have to go back to footing the bill on my own. Thanks for listening, and keep up the good work!"

Sebert Guckian
Xenia, Ohio
September 7, 2012

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