October 25, 2012

Tom's Journey to Comfort

Our Amigo Mobility Center in Bridgeport, Mich. recently received a very special visitor all the way from Georgia! Tom Graham has been a loyal Amigo owner since 1978, but had begun to experience back pain due to extended periods of sitting. 

Tom and his mother Donna traveled to Bridgeport, Mich. in September to meet with ATP certified seating specialist Joe Thieme. Joe created a customized seating solution that allows Tom to be more comfortable and functional in his Amigo. 

Here is what Donna had to say about Tom's new seat:

Joe Thieme and Tom Graham
You are the treasure for Tom and me in our journey to find a seat for the Amigo. Your expertise is complimented by your patient manner and attention to detail.

Tom is enjoying his new seat and freedom from back pain because he now sits properly on his Amigo. 

Thank you, Joe, for putting together this wonderful seat -- you are the best.

Donna Graham
September 2012

Visit www.myamigo.com or contact our mobility consultants at 1.800.MY.AMIGO to see what custom seating options are available for you. 

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Paige Newton said...

In my line of work, I sit all the time and just use the computer for hours. Eyesight and back pains have always been my problem through the years. I got nothing to worry about my eyes no more since I'm wearing glasses. The back pains started to fade when I visited a chiropractor in adelaide.

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