December 11, 2012

Stop Medicare Waste - Lorraine Sabo

"Seeing ads about how you can get a power chair or scooter through Medicare and insurance, I decided to call and ask if they had Amigos. They said they had no outlet but asked me a lot of questions. Even though their ads show people going places outdoors, they told me if Medicare was to pay, the vehicle would have to be used inside. I don't understand. I am now 79 years old with rheumatoid arthritis, and though I can still walk with caution in my home with a cane or walker, I cannot take out the garbage, get my mail, go shopping or walk my dog without my Amigo. It seems like they want to trap me in my home.

Until recently, I did not even realize that my Amigo is nine years old. I am now scared to death that it may stop working and Medicare won't pay for another one -- what will I do?

I am asking for your help to find an Amigo outlet in my area that can get me a new Amigo but work with me to have Medicare pay for it. I guess it make me angry that people like me who need a scooter to survive have to beg for help from Medicare while some people are handed things they don't need. 

Thank you for reading this letter, and any help from you to solve my problem would be extremely appreciated."

Lorraine Sabo
Largo, FL
July 28, 2012

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