January 21, 2013

Deep Sea Diving... in a Wheelchair!

"Rather than focusing on loss and limitation, we see and discover the power and joy of seeing the world from exciting new perspectives." -- Sue Austin

Sue Austin of the UK is a multimedia, performance and installation artist who has used a power wheelchair for 16 years. Though Austin felt a sense of freedom when she began using her wheelchair after an extended illness, she realized that many others saw her wheelchair in terms of limitation or restriction. Austin set out to create new narratives to change the way people see her and help reclaim her identity. 

As part of a larger project called "Freewheeling," Austin created the video below in which she uses a wheelchair that has been adapted for deep sea diving. Click the arrow below to see the underwater wheelchair video and hear more about the project!


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Amigo Mobility said...

Thank you, we agree!

- your friends at Amigo

Minnie T. Potts said...

That is amazing! Hopefully, this will encourage other wheel chair bound persons to try this and get more out of life. I read from coolscience that they are developing diving apparatus that are the equivalence of wheel chairs.

Amigo Mobility said...

We agree, amazing things can be done with science -- thank you for your comment!

- your friends at Amigo Mobility

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