February 26, 2013

Stop Medicare Waste - Catherine Anderson

"In 1986, I fell and had surgery to have my femur bone put back together. Soon after, my husband found a small, used Amigo advertised in the local newspaper. It was just what I needed -- I was off and running. My Amigo helped me continue to live my life fully and continue to be active. 

A couple of years later I went to buy a new Amigo. Medicare wouldn't pay for it because they thought I should be in a power wheelchair. I'm too active. The Amigo has always helped me maintain my independence. After my husband passed, I had a lift installed in my minivan so I could drive myself. Since I no longer drive, it still allows me to be transported anywhere I need to go. 

I have two Amigo RT Express models so they are always charged and ready to go. I move between a scooter and lift chair throughout the day, so I don't walk at all anymore. I am 92 years old and keep busy hand quilting wall hangings for my home, friends and family."

Catherine Anderson
Port Charlotte, FL
February 26, 2013

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