May 23, 2013

Driving with a Disability

How do drivers with disabilities choose among the range of vans, sedans, coupes and SUVs that are available to accommodate their mobility challenges? Here are a few questions from Mark Huffman for to ask yourself when considering a vehicle purchase:

1. How severe are your mobility challenges? For drivers who are able to get around without wheelchairs, sedans, coupes or SUVs may actually be solid options.

2. How important are practicality and convenience? Conversion vans and minivans offer superior practicality and convenience. For example, they typically don't require drivers to hoist themselves from wheelchairs to seats. This isn't the case with many sedans, SUVs and coupes.
Amigo Owner James Roszelle

3. Are you shopping for both current and future needs? Many drivers with mobility challenges have conditions such as multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy that can result in diminishing strength and agility as the years go by. Today, you may have the mobility to easily transfer to a sedan, but that may not be the case two or three years from now.

4. What's the weather like? It's important to consider how well-suited your potential new conversion vehicle is for use in your particular climate year-round.

5. Have you gotten the help of a qualified mobility dealer? A mobility dealer knows the full range of options available to shoppers and is in a position to tell you which choices suit you best. This kind of knowledgeable guidance is essential if you hope to choose a vehicle that will serve as a useful companion both today and years into the future. A qualified local dealer can be found through the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association web site. 

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