February 26, 2013

Stop Medicare Waste - Catherine Anderson

"In 1986, I fell and had surgery to have my femur bone put back together. Soon after, my husband found a small, used Amigo advertised in the local newspaper. It was just what I needed -- I was off and running. My Amigo helped me continue to live my life fully and continue to be active. 

A couple of years later I went to buy a new Amigo. Medicare wouldn't pay for it because they thought I should be in a power wheelchair. I'm too active. The Amigo has always helped me maintain my independence. After my husband passed, I had a lift installed in my minivan so I could drive myself. Since I no longer drive, it still allows me to be transported anywhere I need to go. 

I have two Amigo RT Express models so they are always charged and ready to go. I move between a scooter and lift chair throughout the day, so I don't walk at all anymore. I am 92 years old and keep busy hand quilting wall hangings for my home, friends and family."

Catherine Anderson
Port Charlotte, FL
February 26, 2013

February 22, 2013

Government Officials Raid The Scooter Store

Amigo Mobility's Jennifer Thieme Kehres was featured on a local news station last night to discuss wasteful Medicare spending in the mobility industry. Earlier this week, FBI agents raided the headquarters of The Scooter Store, a Texas based power wheelchair company. The Scooter Store is being investigated for allegations about false claims submitted to Medicare. The Office of the Inspector General found that The Scooter Store over-billed Medicare by $108 million from 2009-2012.

Amigo has been fighting to reduce wasteful Medicare spending for years. While the situation at The Scooter Store is unfortunate for those who may lose their jobs, it is a victory for tax payers and people who need access to proper mobility equipment.

February 1, 2013

Friendly Wheels - Hope and Help for Living with Illness

Did you receive the February issue of our Friendly Wheels enewsletter? If not, click here to meet Amigo owner Sister Karen Zielinski and learn about her book, Hope and Help for Living with Illness

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