March 25, 2013

Local Graduate Promotes Christian Values in College Communties

University of Michigan graduate Jahred Rapin, a friend of Amigo Mobility, recently joined the staff team at New Life Church in Ann Arbor, Mich. 

New Life Church was started by a team of six Michigan State University students in 1984. Since then, the church has grown from 20 attendees to more than 1,000 who worship at the campus ministry center near the heart of the University of Michigan's central campus. New Life hosts weekly services, leadership training ventures and yearly mission trips to international sites including Kenya, Thailand, and Latin American countries. 

"During the years spent away from home at a university, it can be difficult for students to attend their home churches or to find a new place for worship in their college community," Rapin said. "Our goal at New Life is to provide a welcoming place on campus where students can maintain or build a foundation of faith that will last throughout their lives."

Though Rapin was raised Catholic and has always had a belief in God, a medical mission trip to Nigeria in 2009 turned into much more. "While in Africa the summer before my freshman year at the University of Michigan, I realized a true passion for the Lord and for spreading the Good News," Rapin said. "The trip changed my life." Rapin had originally planned on becoming a chiropractor upon graduation, but has instead committed his life to mentoring and reaching out to students as a campus missionary. 

"My passion lies in this work and I truly desire to see the real change the Gospel can have in people's lives," Rapin said. "My role will include leading, coaching and making disciples of Jesus Christ." Rapin is now working with Great Commission Ministries (GCM) to cultivate a team of people who have a passion for his mission and are willing to support the ministry financially.

GCM, which has been in partnership with New Life Church since the beginning, was founded in 1989 as a mission-sending organization for a movement of university churches. It is a non-profit, non-denominational evangelical organization which partners with local churches and church networks in the U.S. and worldwide. The organization provides fundraising support, allowing missionaries to serve at New Life Church without needing to request financial support from student attendees. 

"I believe God has called me to reach out to college students and share with them the Good News of Jesus Christ, to let them know there is a God who is real, who loves them and who wants to have a relationship with them," Rapin said.

If you would like to make a recurring or special gift to support the ministry that Jahred is involved in, please visit and use ministry fund number 7417, or call 877.614.9700. Jahred Rapin can be reached at or 989.239.6408.

Stop Medicare Waste - Gail Kelly

"The most frustrating thing for me is that even when I go to a specialist, they want to push me into a power wheelchair. For some reason it seems like they don't support Amigos or realize how helpful they are. I don't understand the discrimination toward the scooter or why they don't think it is a viable option for us. After years of fighting to get what you need — going to doctors, jumping through hoops — you get to a point where you don't want to be prodded and poked anymore. 

I have a PhD in art and was a teacher for years, and without my Amigo I wouldn't have been able to do many of the things I've done. With post-polio, they tell you to keep moving without overworking yourself, but if you stop moving completely it can lead to quicker deterioration. Some day my disability may progress to the point where I will need a power wheelchair, but I want to use an Amigo for as long as possible so I can maintain the upper body movement I still have and take care of myself. I use the handle as a support system and lean on it to dress myself, brush my hair and do other things. There are so many little things I do throughout the day where the handle provides stability and support, and I would miss that if I switched to a power wheelchair. 

Companies have called me trying to sell new equipment, and even when I tell them 'no' they keep calling and mailing. They wouldn't leave me alone, and kept insisting that they wanted to visit and show me their equipment. I know what products work best for me, and I'm not going to accept something else just because I can get it for free.

It feels like we have to beg for the equipment we need — why do people who abuse the system get away with it while we have to fight for it?"

Gail Kelly
Sebewaing, MI
March 21, 2013

March 1, 2013

Crossing the Pond for a Cause - The Rooprai Spinal Trust

Andy Uttridge and Marrianne Rooprai
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Amigo President
Tim Drumhiller
You'll also find out how many miles Amigo President Tim Drumhiller is willing to run to support their cause -- here's a hint... it's more than 20!

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