June 20, 2014

Innovative Mobility: The Tankchair

Similar to the way Amigo Mobility started back in 1968, Brad Soden wanted to find a way for the world to be more accessible for a family member. His wife was injured in an accident and a traditional wheelchair didn’t allow her to fully experience the mountainside on their family camping trips.

After two years of hard work, Soden created the Tankchair. The rugged mobility solution has allowed the world to be more accessible for his wife and many others.

To check out a video of the Tankchair, click here.


Elina said...

Good post! Your post is useful for all mobility scooter lovers and users. I’ve learned an important part of mobility scooter from the post. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Help!!!!My scooter stopped working and I need a repairman to fix it but no one wants to come to Manhattan to repair it. They all live in New Jersey. Please advise me what to do as I can hardly walk outside. Thank you so so much. My tel is 212-7992109 and my name is Mrs. Lamm. Pleae call me as soon as you can.

Amigo Mobility said...

Hi Mrs. Lamm -

I have passed your request along to our customer service team, so you will hear from them soon.

Thanks for your comment!
Amigo Mobility

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