February 13, 2015

Amigo's Customization Team is on a Roll!

Recently, Erin from Amigo sales was speaking with a customer who likes Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.

When Erin told her we could customize her Amigo, the customer was ecstatic and said, "This is why I love Amigo, you go the extra mile for your customer. I've tried the others, but you're the best!"

Team Amigo went to work making a Harley-Davidson inspired Amigo for the customer. Harley-Davidson decals were added along with a high gloss finish, lights and blinkers. It was a team effort -- special thanks to Erin, Jake, Jerry, Phil and Mike for their hard work and creativity on this specialized Amigo!
Our customization team loves new challenges -- what customization would you like to see on your next Amigo?

Click here to see what customizations options we already have available.

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