July 31, 2015

Team Amigo Family Open House

Team Amigo had a great time at our 2015 summer open house! Family and friends of employees were invited to enjoy a picnic, tour the facility, play yard games and test drive Amigos. Click here or on the video below to see fun footage from the event!

July 28, 2015

Milford Products Help You Stay Mobile!

Do you have trouble getting in and out of your car? The Milford Person Lift by AutoChair is a great option for those needing assistance with being transferred into difficult positions.

An Amigo owner named Dennis sent us a note that said how much he appreciated his Milford lift because it can fit in the back of his trunk making travel a breeze!

The Milford SmartBase and Wall Bracket attachment is the ideal solution for freedom and independence.

Owners of the Milford lift love it because they can sit in the front, it is discreet, and it is a cost effective solution.

Try it out and see how it works for you!


July 20, 2015

Rain or shine, we've got you covered!

Rainy day? This umbrella attachment is sure to keep you dry. It attaches to the armrest or the handle bar and can be installed in under a minute. The umbrella comes in red or blue and has four-way swivel capabilities. A carrying bag is included for easy transport. It also works great for protection from the sun! We do not sell it, but you can buy it from Amazon here.

July 8, 2015

Living with a disability

Having a positive outlook on life can make your life easier and happier. 

Even though Kyle Maynard is a quadruple amputee, he has climbed up Mount Kilimanjaro, showing with the right attitude, you can accomplish anything. Kyle suggests three things that can help you conquer any obstacle: maintain a positive attitude, set goals and achieve them. The Huffington Post offers a few more tips for living with a disability: 

To read more about Kyle or other inspirational people who have a positive outlook, click one of the following names: